Planning Portfolio

Grace/Shehi Open Space
Pitkin County
In cooperation with Pitkin County Open Space & Trails, BMC staff helped organize community meetings to define the uses within the Grace-Shehi Open Space parcel near Basalt, Colorado. The project entailed collaborating with various community groups, drafting a management plan and supervising the construction of the various components that currently include a community garden, BMX park, and Nordic trail. BMC staff spearheaded the Bureau of Land Management's formal recognition of Light Hill Trail on the property as a seasonal asset to the inventory of Pitkin County's trail system.
Saddle Ridge Ranch
Garfield County
Saddle Ridge Ranch is a remote, luxury mountain subdivision located near Glenwood Springs. BMC staff was contracted to delineate the individual parcels, select home sites, locate clubhouse and equestrian amenities, and design the roadway system throughout the steep terrain to comply with Garfield County fire code requirements.
Snowmass Power Transformer and Cable Underground
Snowmass Village, Colorado
During the initial improvements of the new base village at Snowmass ski area, BMC staff was instrumental in the efforts to underground needed power cables to preserve to the Brush Creek Valley from the negative visual impacts of overhead utilities.
Pan & Fork Redevelopment
Basalt, Colorado
BMC staff helped manage the initial design effort to redevelop a blighted area of downtown Basalt with a mixed use development and river park. The effort included collaboration with other design firms and development entities to mitigate the flooding potential of the property while maximizing the potential for optimum vitality and economic stability of the community.
Basalt Parks, Open Space & Trails Master Plan
Basalt, Colorado
BMC was contracted with the Town of Basalt to work with GreenPlay LLC and the local POST Committee on the compilation of the community's Parks, Open Space & Trails Master Plan which specifies improvements to the recreation trail and local parks system while prioritizing future open space purchases by the Town.
Frying Pan Kilns
Basalt, Colorado
In jeopardy of collapse under record snowfall, Basalt's first structures were in desperate need of rehabilitation. (Seven massive beehive-shaped brick structures - see images in Landscape Architecture portfolio.) BMC staff worked with the local Kilns Committee to secure a Colorado State Historical Fund Grant and restore the structural integrity of Town's first and identifiable icons. BMC also designed an interpretive landscape plan to integrate the structures into nearby Arbaney Park and help educate the public about the kilns and their significance. The project received a Merit Award from the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.
Red Ridge Management Plan
Eagle County
BMC is currently appointed to represent the interest of the Town of Basalt during the planning process for the Glassier and Saltonstall open space acquisitions. The management plan will serve the interests of recreation enthusiasts and conservationists in the Roaring Fork Valley.
Rio Grande Trail
Pitkin County
BMC staff worked with the Pitkin County Open Space & Trails Committee and the Roaring Fork Transit Authority to define the alignment and character of the current Rio Grande recreation trail that connects Glenwood Springs and Aspen.
Cellular Network Master Plan
Pitkin County
Collaborating with numerous cellular companies BMC staff helped to establish a Master Plan that would minimize negative visual impacts on the pristine mountain landscape by encouraging co-location and consolidation of cell towers.
Lake Christine Shooting Range
Eagle County
On behalf of the Town of Basalt, BMC staff secured federal grants to design and build sound enclosures for the pistol and rifle platforms at the U.S. Parks & Wildlife (Lake Christine) shooting range. The improvements created a safer and more comfortable experience for sportsmen while reducing noise generated from the facility by over 30 percent.
Mining Claim Map and Database
Pitkin County
BMC staff was commissioned to untangle the confusing layers of ownership specific to the historic mining claims scattered throughout Pitkin County. The proper locations of U.S. patented and private claims were mapped and a database of fractional ownership was established for the County Assessor.
Rural and Remote Zoning
Pitkin County
In an effort to minimize the potential impacts of residential development on the sensitive ecological landscape surrounding Aspen, BMC staff helped to define the boundaries of the award-winning Rural & Remote zone, which limited development within in the Pitkin County backcountry.
Historic Guidelines
Redstone, Colorado
Tucked in the Crystal River Valley, Redstone's historical identity was being eroded by insensitive and incompatible development. BMC staff helped establish and adopt the historical guidelines for new development that reinforced the small scale vernacular of the original architecture and historical streetscapes.
1041 Hazard Reviews and Site Planning
Pitkin County
On behalf of the Pitkin County Planning Department and the private development industry, BMC staff has reviewed and represented dozens of residential proposals to assure safe and adequate access to development sites while avoiding sensitive wildlife habitat, natural resources, and scenic viewplanes.
Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Bato, Leyte, Philippines
During his 2 year residency in the Philippines as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Principal - Brian McNellis worked with the Municipality of Bato to develop a Comprehensive Land Use Plan adopting zoning and environmental policy for the small island town. Since its adoption the plan has enhanced the viability of Bato as a shipping/commerce epicenter and solidified the location as an important tourism destination for the Visayan region.